Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

Port City Federal Credit Union does not solicit personal or private information via e-mail

Privacy Policy Confidentiality Of Member Information

Port City Federal Credit Union is committed to protecting our members’ privacy. It is the policy of PCFCU to hold member information in confidence, subject to applicable legal requirements and standards. PCFCU will fully comply with the provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the NCUA Privacy Regulations. In doing so, PCFCU has prepared a privacy policy, will provide privacy disclosures, and, where required, give members the opportunity to opt-out of certain disclosures


Information Collected

PCFCU will collect information necessary to provide our members products and services, or as required by law. PCFCU collects information about members and their account(s) from the following sources:

  • From member applications or other forms
  • Member transactions(s) with the credit union
  • Member transactions with non-affiliated third parties
  • Information we receive from a consumer-reporting agency

Former Member Information

PCFCU will not share information about members who have terminated their relationship with the credit union, unless permitted or required by law to do so.

Annual privacy notices will not be sent to those who have terminated their relationship with PCFCU.

Information Disclosed To Third Parties

PCFCU does not share member information with nonaffiliated third parties unless authorized or permitted by law. If PCFCU shares information in the future that requires an opt-out form to be sent to members, one will be provided.

PCFCU reserves the right to share confidential member information with attorneys, accountants, auditors, consumer reporting agencies, and to the extent permitted by law, to law enforcement agencies and other official bodies without triggering a right for members to receive an opt-out form.


Credit Union Security

PCFCU will maintain security measures consistent with the requirements of federal and state regulations, including risk management systems designed to prevent unauthorized access, both internal and external, to member information.

PCFCU has procedures in place to protect member information systems in the event of a natural disaster, intentional destruction, or technical failure.

PCFCU periodically tests the efficacy of its member information systems to ensure proper working order. Independent third parties or staff independent of those that have developed or maintained our security programs may conduct these tests. PCFCU restricts access to areas that contain member information.

Credit Union Employees And Officials

PCFCU employees with access to member information will receive a copy of PCFCU’S privacy policy, and will be notified of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of member information.

PCFCU has established procedures to eliminate internal and external unauthorized access to member information.

PCFCU’S employees will be informed of and will have access to information regarding the proper procedures for filing reports to the appropriate regulatory and law enforcement agencies. PCFCU may conduct background checks on its employees to ensure compliance with our security program. PCFCU thoroughly investigates any allegations of employee misconduct. PCFCU limits access to sensitive information to specific employees to ensure confidentiality of member information.

Individuals other than credit union employees, including board members and volunteers, may have limited access to member information. PCFCU has established confidentiality controls in order to protect improper access to, and distribution of, member information.

Third Party Vendors

PCFCU has contracted with a service provider to install and maintain our member information system. PCFCU has exercised due diligence in selecting our service provider to ensure that proper security measures are in place to protect member information. PCFCU may regularly monitor service providers to ensure that they continue to satisfy their obligations.


PCFCU will only share account numbers or access codes as authorized or required by law.


PCFCU regularly provides services to nonmembers, such as ATM access and cash advances on credit cards.

PCFCU does not share information about nonmembers unless permitted or required by law.

PCFCU retains information about nonmember consumers in a manner consistent with PCFCU’s Record Retention Policy.


PCFCU may enter into joint marketing agreements to provide member information to nonaffiliated third parties to perform services for the credit union or functions on behalf of the credit union.

PCFCU includes language in these joint marketing agreements prohibiting nonaffiliated third parties from using or disclosing member information for purposes other than, in the ordinary course of business, to carry out the purposes for which the information was provided.


PCFCU is proud of its commitment to member confidentiality, and will make this policy available to any member requesting it.

Adopted March 13, 2006 Motion 306-23