Skip-a-Pay, Our Gift to You!


A Skip-A-Pay request form must be completed and submitted prior to the payment date to be skipped.

Skip-A-Pay Requirements

  • All Skip-A-Pay requests must be approved by a loan officer
  • Loan must be in good standing, with no delinquency over 30 days in the past 12 months
  • Fee of $25.00 must be paid on or before the date of payment to be skipped
  • If applicable, the Co-Borrower must also sign the Skip-A-Pay request form
  • One payment per loan may be skipped
  • Four contractual payments must have been paid on the loan
  • Payments being paid by disability insurance are ineligible

* The following loans are ineligible for Skip-A-Pay: Real Estate Loans/Line of Credit Loans/VISA Credit Card Loans.

Click here to download a Skip-A-Pay Request Form

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