Online Banking Upgrade

Our online banking login platform is soon undergoing an upgrade! This exciting change will expand the limit on the length for your online banking password to exceed more than the current 8-10 characters on March 11th, which is great news for your online banking security.

What’s changing?

To help better explain this change, here’s an example: Jane Member believes her password is ilovemydog123. When Jane enters her password now, the system recognizes only the first 10 characters, ilovemydog, and ignores the rest.

On March 11th, when Jane enters her password like she usually does (ilovemydog123), the system will see all 13 characters of her password, compared to the 10 characters it expected, and will consider that an incorrect password.

Please note: This upgrade will affect online banking logins on desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and mobile app.

What to do

If your password is currently 8-10 characters long, you do NOT need to change your password for this upgrade.
If your password is longer than 10 characters, you will see an alert pop up and the Continue button will be disabled. Please enter only the first 10 characters of your password.
Beginning January 24, 2018, Port City Federal Credit Union members will see an alert prompting them to change their passwords to no more than 10 characters

Online Banking

If your current password is longer than 10 characters and you don’t change it before March 11th, you will likely lock yourself out of online banking after three unsuccessful attempts and you will need to contact Port City FCU by phone to have your password reset.